Martha’s co-translations have been published in numerous literary journals, including Tin House, Guernica, AGNI, The Common, 

The Literary Review, The Massachusetts Review, and others.

Untitled ||| The Common

The Literary Review | 2019

“That summer, for our vacation, we’d gone to a mountain village, not far away. My father joined us on Saturdays for the weekend.”

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    The Thoughtful Traveler: On Giampiero Neri’s Poetry

    Words without Borders | Sep 13, 2016

    A mysterious transformation unfolds in Neri’s poetry and prose alike: fragments of memory and perception mutate, are refined and condensed.


    The Common |

    “It’s a cirrus, the man stated, a beautiful baby cirrus that in a moment will be swallowed by the sky, ordinary people would mistake it for a nimbus, though a cirrus is a cirrus, too bad for them, and the form of a cirrus can’t have any other meaning but its own, which other clouds don’t have.”

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