Martha writes prose of all stripes: short and long fiction, essays on literature, and personal history/memoir. Of deep interest to her are those places and spaces, literal and imaginative, where the unexpected is stumbled upon. When she’s not in New York, Martha lives with her husband in Castiglione del Terziere, a medieval village in Lunigiana, Italy. Her experience there is the subject of her memoir-in-essays, Guesswork: A Reckoning With Loss, published by Catapult in April 2017. To read more about Martha’s experiences in Italy, check out (in addition to her 2012-13 blog in Wanderings) an exchange of essays with the editor of The Common literary journal in 2013.

During her college years, Martha used to set type in a campus print-shop. She is inordinately fond of all those little metal letters and their wooden cases. In the Lunigianese town of Fivizzano is a quirky museum of the history of printing, housed in a villa with an earthquake crack across one of its thick walls. The museum contains many cases of old type and a peculiar collection of typewriters—images of which appear throughout Martha’s site.